When it comes to gift giving ideas, we seem to be short on imagination, falling back on the same tried and tested items that have somehow established themselves in our minds as gifts. No more of that, we say. Here at Breakout, we like to do things a bit differently. Being in the business of creating memories, we genuinely take joy at forcing our customers to have a good time at all costs. Thinking outside the box is also another trait we encourage as a part of our self imposed civic duty. So to all like minded ilk reading this, please do silently judge yourself harshly the next time you reach for an unoriginal, slapdash birthday gift for a loved one. 

And here is a friendly reminder of all the gift ideas you should not have in mind or even be buying but somehow can’t help yourself.

1. Fast Fashion Apparel and Accessories.

gift ideas | Fashion

As if we need more. The world is drowning in fast fashion throwaways, and the official statistic of the recipient liking a gifted fashion item is, by our very scientific anecdotal estimations, at a solid 3%. Save the earth, save your wallet and say no more. 

2. Electronic Gadgets that Don’t Last 6 Months


We understand. Quirky gifts are fun and novel. That pink Hello Kitty USB electric fan is cute as heck, but in our experience, novelty wears off. Fast. Perhaps a better gift in this category might be a brand new smartphone. However, if you’re in a position to be gifting smartphones, well, then you don’t really need our advice on how to spend your money wisely. 

3. Artsy, Trendy, and Kind-of-useless Stationary.


No, having 5 moleskine journals does not automatically make you cool or smart. Stationary is also a popular gift idea for school going children and teens. Ironic, since perhaps the last thing they would want as a gift is something that reminds them of school. 

4. Taking Someone Out to Dinner because You Forgot to Go Gift Shopping. 

A meal coupled with some supermarket chocolates and flowers is a perfectly appropriate celebratory gift to many. Really, we know it’s because you’ve been busy all week and haven’t bothered to think up something special for your loved one. While it can be romantic and create fond memories, it is also the most predictable option, and here at Breakout, we are severely allergic to cliches. 

5. Gift Cards: The not so thoughtful, thoughtful present.
GIFT IDEAS | Gift Cards

If a bestie gifts you a gift card, beware. She/he might actually be a secret frenemy. ‘I thought I’d let you choose your present’, delivered with a smile actually means ‘I couldn’t be bothered finding you something truly original to mark our special bond’. As a rule of thumb, this present is only acceptable as gifts from parents or coworkers/bosses.

6. Souvenirs as Gift Idea? We can’t Believe it’s Still a Thing Either.

It’s 2020 and sadly souvenir shops have not gone extinct yet. This gift may be a valid present in rare circumstances – like if the souvenir is coveted to the point of obsession, or if you’re 80 years old and above and want to give a memory to a loved one. Beyond that, souvenirs are, and we know you’d agree, kinda lame. 

We are trying to tell you there are better gift ideas out there should you be looking to celebrate a special occasion. And here comes the plug – We now have THE ENIGMA available for purchase!

Make You Next Gift Unforgettable

The Enigma
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