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Cashless at Breakout

Book online and payment upon arrival.

Book a game session at Breakout Avenue K now. Pay upon arrival.

Form a team of 2-8 people and pick your desired theme room and book the time slot available.

Breakout Team Building Activity | Escape wthin 45 mins

Arrive 5 minutes early for payment, registration and payment.

Breakout Team Building Activity | Team Work

Breakout within 1 hour and enjoy the experience with your squad.


Please enter a valid contact number as we will contact you for booking confirmation through Whatsapp or SMS.

For any on-going promotion without voucher code, please proceed to make a regular booking as the discount will be given at our store during payment.

No payment is required to make a booking. Payment is to be made at our store. Only cashless payment is accpeted

Please read and understand our Terms of Use and Privacy Notice before booking.

We kindly request that you arrive 5 minutes early for registration and briefing.

Please note that we reserve the rights to cancel your booking, delay your booking (subject to availability on the day itself) should you arrive later than the game time you have reserved, unless you agree to have your game time being shorten.

Please wear appropriate clothing. Skirts and heels are not recommended as there is crawling involved or minor physical activity involved.

Breakout prohibits the use of drugs and alcohol in the Breakout Premises and has the rights to refuse you entry to Breakout Premises if Breakout has reason to believe that you are under the influence of drug and/or alcohol

If you need further information, please Whatsapp us here.


*Updated - 12 Feb 2022

1) Vaccination Requirements

Customers are required to show their Vaccination Digital Certificate on the MySejahtera App for verification of 

1.1 2 Doses - 14 days after vaccination of Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

1.2 1 Dose - 28 days after vaccination of Johnson & Johnson, and Cansino

1.3 3 Doses - Sinovac receiver must take booster shot to be considered as fully vaccinated starting March 2022

Breakout reserves the right to deny you entry should you fail to show your vaccination status. 

2) How does Breakout apply social distancing measures in the outlet? 

The floor will be marked with red tape in the waiting area to maintain at least 1-metre distance between each customer group before they enter the game room.

3) Is there any limit to people allowed in the outlet?

Yes, there is. We allow a maximum of 20 people in the lobby waiting area at any given time. All other customers will need to wait outside our shops. 

4) How is the cleanliness of the game room maintained?

Game rooms are disinfected regularly as per guidelines set by MKN.

5) What about crowd management?

To minimize a crowded situation, our booking slots have been changed so that each theme room starts at a different time.

6) Is there any age restriction?

Young individuals who are unvaccinated are allowed to participate in our game only with adult supervision who are fully vaccinated.

7) We prefer contactless payment

Our shops are equipped with a variety of cashless payment systems such as credit card, E-wallet including, Touch&Go Pay and Grab Pay.

8) Since there is a 1 metre policy, how will you conduct the safety briefing?

The safety rules briefing will be carried out remotely with a computer/TV screen. The briefing for bigger groups such as in team building events will be carried out in batches.

9) Check in with your MySejahtera App

MySejahtera App QR code will be placed at our shop’s entrance for contact tracing. Customers are required to scan the code before entering.

10) What is your SOP for employees?

All employees who are scheduled to work are fully vaccinated. Our employees are required to wear a 3 ply face mask at all times when they clock in for duty. The mask has to be covered up to their nose tip at all times. They are required to wash their hands with hand soap or hand sanitizer frequently upon arriving at the workplace. Bi-weekly self test is mandatory for all our employees.

12) What else do you do to prevent the spread of COVID-19? 

Customers must wear a face mask in order to enter. Customers who do not wear a face mask can purchase one from our outlet for RM1.50. Customers are required to use the hand sanitizer prepared before entering. They are also required to be seated in the designated box in the waiting area. After completing the activity, customers are encouraged to sanitize their hands once again with the hand sanitizer prepared.