1) What is the recommended age limit?

There is no age limit but we do require adult supervision for children below the of 13.

2) Do you operate everyday and what time is the last game session?

Yes, our store operates daily from 10am-10pm and please click here for more details.

3) What is your operation time and each room’s time?

Our outlet operation is from 10am-10pm every day and you can check on each room's time slot in our website.

4) What if I made a booking but am late for the session?

Please be on time for your game session to avoid cancellation of your booking as late arrival will affect upcoming game sessions and no refund will be given. Your punctuality is very much appreciated.

5) How long does one game session last?

For our KL theme rooms, each game session takes approximately 1 hour, 15 minutes briefing and 45 minutes of gameplay plus an additional 5 minutes if the time bender character is chosen.

For our Melaka rooms, the game session will take around an hour, as the gameplay will now take up to 55 minutes as there are no characters involved and 5 mins briefing.

6) What type of attire is suitable?

Comfortable clothing and shoes that are easy to move around are recommended because there will be slight physical obstacles in the games.

7) Can children under the age of 13 play?

YES, children under the age of 13 require adults (18 and older) supervision.

8) What if I have shopping bags and luggage with me?

Each room is provided with a locker to store personal belongings or shopping bags. Locker keys will then be handed to you to hold on to until game ends.

9) Is the game suitable for the weak-hearted, pregnant ladies or those with disabilities?

Some of our games might have some surprise elements and minimal physical obstacles such as climbing or crawling. However, if they are not keen on continuing the game, our game masters will definitely guide them out of the room immediately as requested.

10) What is the maximum number of players in a room?

The maximum number is 8. If you have a group of more than 8 people, we would advise you to split your groups into 2 and take an extra room for better comfort and safety purposes.

11) Any special offers or discounts?

Check our latest deal here or like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/breakoutmy or follow us on www.instagram.com/breakoutmy to keep yourself updated on special deals of the month!

12) Do I have to make a booking online or can I walk-in?

We would advise online booking to secure your game session, especially during the weekends. You can now book a room and make payment online before heading to our outlet.

13) I am a solo traveler and do not have a group. Can I still join the game?

Yes, it is possible, but only available in Avenue K outlet (Chamber of Hocus). Kindly be noted that you still have to pay for the price of 2 persons and it might be harder to complete the game on your own. Hence, we would still suggest you to invite some new friends along.

14) What are the payment options available?

We accept both Visa & Master cards for both Debit and Credit Cards. We also accept all E-wallets such as Touch & Go, Grab, Shopee Pay, Maybank QR and Boost on our online booking system. Cash payment is not accepted effective from 11 Feb 2022 onwards.

15) Can I reschedule my booking after I book online?

You are allowed to reschedule your booking for maximum of one (1) time and you are required to contact us through Facebook, Whatsapp or info@breakout.com.my

16) Can I cancel by booking or get a refund?

You can cancel your booking however there is no refund provided just like movie tickets.


1) What is Spy Game?

Spy Game is a brand new immersive game concept available only in Malaysia. In Spy Game, you get to be a spy where you must sneak, hide, and disguise to play the game and don't get caught by the patrolling guards to accomplish a mission.

2) Where can I experience Spy Game?

Visit us at The Curve Shopping Mall and we will be coming soon to the Shore Shopping Gallery in Melaka as well!

3) Is Spy Game similar to Escape Game?

Not quite as SPY Game is more immersive.

4) What is the difference between SPY Game and Escape Game?

SPY Game is a more immersive experience where:

— Spy game has lesser puzzles compared to escape game and your goal is to complete your mission.

–Real life in-game NPCs who will be playing as patrolling guards to ensure your mission doesn’t go well and interact with but Escape Games don’t have NPCs.

— In Spy Game, you need sneak, hide and even disguise yourself during the game.

5) How many puzzles are inside the experience?

This is not an escape game, thus we don’t have many puzzles per se in our rooms.

6) How do I play the SPY Game?

You will need to work together with your team to break into a highly secured location to complete a mission while also avoiding the patrolling guards. You must sneak in, stealth, hide, dodge past the guards, disguise, and overcoming obstacles during your mission. You can be as creative as possible during your gameplay and your goal is complete the mission.

7) How many Spy Game missions are there?

All 5 missions come with different levels of difficulties to suit you. Find out more about our spy missions here

8) Are the missions related and do I need to play them in sequence?

Yes, the missions are all related to one another but you don’t have to play them in sequence to enjoy them. Just pick a mission that suits you and have fun.

9) Is the game suitable for the weak-hearted, pregnant ladies or those with disabilities?

Some of our games might have some surprise elements and minimal physical obstacles such as climbing or crawling. However, if they are not keen on continuing the game, our game masters will definitely guide them out of the room immediately as requested.

10) Is sneaking the only way to play the game?

No it’s not. You can disguise yourself as a guard to fool the patrolling NPCs and walk right in and out or if you have found another way to win the game, go ahead as it’s all up to your creativity

11) How long is each mission?

Each mission will take about 30 minutes.

12) Is there an age limit?

SPY game is more suitable for young adult age of 15 and above. Age 14 and below can participate with adult supervision.

13) Can I bring in a child below the age limit?

Children aged 7 or below can enter for free provided there is adult supervision. For example, if you have 6 players and one of them is a child below 7 years old, you may proceed to book for 5 pax while the 1 pax child can play for free!

14) Is there a limitation on the group size?

A maximum of 6 players per group size is allowed for each mission.

15) What type of attire is suitable for the experience?

Something comfortable and won’t interrupt your movement, especially when crawling and climbing during the experience is preferred. Best to avoid heels, slippers and skirts at all costs. 

16) Is the experience physically challenging? Do I need to be physically fit?

There will be certain sections where you will be required to overcome obstacles and finish tasks to complete your objective. However, there will be a mission that doesn’t require much physical activity. You may refer to the link to know more about our missions:

17) What type of physical challenges will be in the game?

In SPY Game, you will be required to overcome various physical obstacles to proceed. Think American Ninja Warrior but on a smaller scale. As such, you may need to crawl and hide in small spaces, jump and hold onto ropes, climb ladders and such.

18) Is the game suitable for weak-hearted, pregnant ladies, or individuals with disabilities?

No, we generally do not recommend the following to play the game as the Experience will have elements of climbing, dodging, hiding and crawling to complete the game.

19) How early should I arrive for my game session?

You should arrive at least 10 mins early for the registration and briefing session

20) What are the available payment options?

For payments, we only accept Online payment / payment by Credit Card / and E-Wallets as our outlets are only cashless.

20) Is there a refund policy?

Partial or full refund is strictly NOT ALLOWED for any scenarios with the only exception being any technical issue (i.e. props malfunction) that is due to any circumstances (i.e. Technical errors) that prevent Breakout from delivering the game experience.

Partial or full refund is also NOT PROVIDED for any instances where the number of players who show up is LESS than the quantity booked or in the event of a no-show during the game.

21) Can I reschedule my booking?

Yes, for every paid booking, you may reschedule your booking up to one time at least an hour prior to your session.

21) May I choose to walk in to play the game?

You can choose to walk in, however the game is subject to the availability of the session. We highly recommend that you proceed to book your session online in order to secure your slots.

22) What are the basic dos and don’ts of SPY Game?

As this is a gameplay experience, do keep in mind regarding the following:

a) No brute force is required during the game. If a customer is found to have used force to break an item or prop we will ask for compensation.

b) No inappropriate behavior or language around the NPCs. If a customer is found to have performed crude behavior or language around an NPC, we do have the authority to end the game and ask the customer to leave the game early.

c) No touching or physical contact with the NPCs as they will not touch you either. 

d) Avoid keeping or taking items from the gameplay session. We have customers run through their pockets or bags post game for any items that may have been accidentally taken from the room and to ask them to return it to us. If a customer is found to have taken an item without returning it, we have the right to prevent the customer from entering the premises.

22) Is SPY Game suitable for everyone?

As spy game requires players to go through physical obstacles and to crawl, climb and hide as needed, there are safety risks of playing the game and thus we ask you to always be aware of your surroundings and to inform us of any injuries. The game also employs minor crawlspaces and physical obstacles which may not accommodate everyone body sizes or body shapes.

23) What else do I need to prepare before playing Spy Game?

You and the other players in the group are required to bring your own EARPHONES for the gameplay and make sure your phone is fully charged.

Online Escape Game FAQ

1) What is online escape room?

Breakout live escape room is a fully online immersive and interactive escape room experience featuring live character actors. You have 60 minutes to complete a real time rescue mission with the help from a live actor.

2) How to Play?

Players will use ZOOM to play the game. Players will interact with the live actors and discuss amongst themselves to complete the mission. Other web application involved will be shared by the game host during the game.

3) Any age requirements?

There is no age limit but we require adult supervision for children below the age of 13.

4) How to book online?

If you are from Malaysia you can purchase a ticket from our E-store and DM us your preferred date & time. We will do the job for you. You can also book directly from here with our alternate payment method is USD.

5) Can I play with people who live in other countries

Yes, as long as the participating players have access to the internet, zoom, google platform such as youtube and google drive.

6) How many players can participate in one game session?

We recommend 5 connections per session. However, you can have as many people as you want within one connection! Additional connection will have extra charges. The price is charged per session is applied for a maximum of 5 connections only.

7) What is a live actor?

The live actor is a character in the game who will interact with you and assist you throughout the game. He/ She is part of the storyline.

8) How long will the session last?

You are given 60 minutes to complete the game. There is also a 15 minute briefing beforehand.

9) Can I pause the game?

Unfortunately not. Games will start on the clock according to your session slot.

10) Will there be a game master to assist me?

There will be no Game Master. However, our live actors are there to complete the mission with you.

11) How do I ask for tips or clues?

You can ask for hints at anytime throughout the game. However, it will affect your ranking on the leader board. This will be further explained in the pre-game briefing.

12) Do I have to open my web camera during the game?

This is entirely up to you. If you decide to turn on your camera, please dress appropriately. We reserve the right to cancel your game on grounds of nudity.

13) Can I record the game session?

We ask that you do not screen record any part of the game and/or live actors to share on social media or as a video keepsake.

If however, you wish to take some images/video of your reactions to the game to share on social media or with your friends, we welcome you to do so. Should you record yourself, we ask that you censor any game related comments and/or answers.

14) Can I reschedule or cancel my booking?

Rescheduling and cancellations are subject to availability. Please double-check the time and date before making the booking.

15) What if I am late for my booking?

You are required to join the game 15 minutes prior to the game time. If you are late to your session, extra time will not be given.

16) How will I know if my booking is confirmed?

You will receive a confirmation email with booking details and a payment receipt. Please get in touch with us if you do not receive the email.

17) Where to the schedule?

We operate daily from 10.30am to 6pm. Please DM us to check for available slots.

18) How much is the online escape room?

Each session is RM240 for 5 connections. If you get any discount vouchers from us, please checkout with the coupon code before making the payment.

19) I bought Breakout E-tickets, can I use that?

Yes you can, please DM us to check.

20) What do I need to prepare to play the game online?

A good internet connection is necessary for the best gameplay experience.

1. We recommend a minimum upload speed of 3.2 Mbps and download speed of 3.4 Mbps.

2. Second device. We recommend having a second device handy in case of connection issues. However, this is not necessary.

3. Some other items that you will need are: Pen and paper, a working microphone and speaker, and a quiet room for the best gameplay experience.

21) What software you use for video conferencing?

You will need ZOOM to play the game.

22) Which browser works the best?

We recommend Google Chrome or Safari for the best experience.


1) Will Breakout charge SST for the game services provided?

The government of Malaysia has announced that the implementation of the Sales and Services Tax (SST) will take place on 1 September 2018, replacing the pre-existing Goods and Services Tax (GST). However, Breakout’s pricing remains unaffected and we will not be charging any services tax.

2) How do I get an invoice for company’s claim?

You are required to provide us with the details below during payment at the counter in order to get an invoice:-

i) Registered company’s name

ii) Company’s full address

3) Does all your experiences fulfil the HSSE Requirements? AED, Clinics, etc.

a) First Aid Kits are located on the outlet for emergencies

b) AEDs (Automatic Emergency Defibrillators) are not kept on the premises as our outlet doesn’t have any horror elements that require the use of it.

c) Fire extinguishers are kept inside the outlet alongside the extinguishers that are also kept nearby by the mall management.

d) Mall Security & Safety teams are contacted in the event of an emergency scenario for faster arrival. We may also contact the assistance of a doctor via a clinic nearest to the mall / outlet.

Team Building/ Events/ Media/ Marketing

1) I wish to bring my company/recommend Breakout to my company for a team building/events.Will there be a corporate fee and who do I contact?

You may email info@breakout.com.my to enquire for corporate rate or visit Team Building site for more information. Minimum of 20 pax are required to entitle for corporate rate or book for 2 sessions to make up the 20 pax. If you have less than 20 pax, you may proceed with regular booking here

2) I wish to have a marketing collaboration with Breakout. Who do I contact?

Kindly email your details/proposal to marketing@breakout.com.my