5 Types of “Kaki” Escape Room Players that we’ve seen at BREAKOUT

5 types of escape room players at breakout

What else can you do during your free time or holiday besides lepak-ing in shopping malls, go movies and goyang kaki in coffee shops? For those who are familiar with escape room, many would agree that this is the next best thing to do without having to drive out of town.

Of course, you will need at least 1 partner-in-crime (or more!) to get the game started and this will be the best time to know how your friends and families behave. So, we have rounded up 5 types of escape room players and their behavior that you might encounter during the gameplay.

The Paranoid

The most fearful escape gamer of all and will always get paranoid about everything in the game room. Suspecting jump scares everywhere, but they will be the one giving you jump scares every time they screamed for nothing.

The Self-Elected Leader

They will always take up the lead and give you instructions on what to do. Might be helpful at times when you are lost, but when the plan is not working, you just want them to STFU.

The Noisy One

You will never run out of topic with this person. From giving commands, to asking all sorts of questions, and barging into other people’s discussion, they just love to talk! Maybe they will hook up with the game master even before the game starts but all you want from them during the game is actually to FOCUS!

The Angry One

Everything seems cool, but once they start getting into the game, you’ll wish you didn’t ajak them in the first place! And the complaint starts in 3.. 2.. 1..

The Instagrammer

They will be the one recording every single thing on Insta story, Snapchat, and checking in from the moment you step into the shop until they realised that NO PHONE IS ALLOWED during the game. They just can’t live without their phone and this is their worst nightmare.

So, do you have friends that belongs to any of these 5 types?

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