The Enigma:

A Personalised Gift With A Twist

Commemorate special moments in your life with a personalise puzzle gift box.

Hidden Identity

Your identity is revealed bit by bit with each puzzle.

Unique Customisation

Customise unforgettable moment into puzzles.


Video your wishes add a further personal touch to the gift.

Time Capsule

Enigma double up as a time capsule to store precious memories. Find out more

Unforgettable Gift | The Enigma

Unforgettable Gift

Spice up your relationship by turning your precious moments into a puzzle now! Give your special one an unforgettable gift now.

Only at RM80.

Personalised gift doesn’t need to be expensive!

How It Works?

Here is how you can customize your precious moments into the Enigma box.


When your purchase is confirmed, we will send you a list of questions to answer.


Record a personal video message and send it along with your answers for us to customise the puzzles on the gift.

Genie at work

Once we received your response, we will customise your gift box accordingly. Customisation will take between 2-5 business days.


You will be notified once your Enigma box is ready to be delivered to the receiver.

Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Running out of ideas of what special gift for your love one? The Enigma is a perfect present in any occasion. We also have a list of predictable gifts that you should avoid buying. Read here.

A thoughtful anniversary gift.
Show how much you treasure your relationship by converting all your special moment to be revealed one by one.
The Enigma Gift for Best Friend | Breakout

A present to value your friendship

See how much you care about each other with the Enigma. Perfect as just a gift or for prank to value your friendship.

The Enigma Birthday's Gift | Breakout

A surprise birthday gift.

Make someone’s birthday special with a gift that will be treasured for many years to come.

The Enigma | Gift for Puzzles Fans | Breakout

A perfect gift for him or her.

Level up your gifting games by making customised puzzle for him or her.

Limited Time Offer

Time Capsule The Enigma

A Time Capsule

The Enigma can be turned into a time capsule of precious moments to be opened in the future! It can be used to stored a selection of chosen objects commemorating an occasion or time period that is then locked, only to be opened in the future.

A guide will be given to the receiver on how to turn the gift box into a Time Capsule, along with a checklist of objects that can be stored in it.